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Sawyer Pond Trail

Sawyer Pond Trail, at less than four miles round trip, is a wonderful hike for those less adventurous wildflower lovers or those with small children. The wildflowers to be seen along this route are fairly common and can be encountered in many locations both on and off the White Mountain National Forest. What is unusual about the Sawyer Pond Trail is the abundance of wildflowers along its path. Great sweeps of pink lady’s slipper, bluebead lily, partridgeberry, Indian cucumber root, red trillium, mountain wood sorrel, and more occur right along the path edge. A hike up this trail in early June through early July is a delight for the eye. Not only are these wonderful plants at your feet nearly the entire trip, but the trail passes through a series of wetlands, where you might catch a glimpse of a moose grazing. The trail ends at Sawyer Pond, one of the prettiest ponds on the Forest. There are primitive campsites scattered around the lake if you want to spend the night.

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