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Mount Watatic Trail

One of the most popular hikes in Massachusetts, Mt. Watatic stands as the southernmost summit on the 22 mile Wapack Trail and lies just east of the end of the Midstate Trail. Formerly home to a ski area this mountain is very rewarding in terms of views. The ski resort has been open from time to time in the past until 1988 when all chances for opening the ski resort finally ended. Today there is an excellent direction from trail with the most direct way coming from Route 119. The summit area fetures two bald summits each with decent views of towards the Manadnock Region and downtown Boston. It is a classic low summit hike with a classic 270 degree panorama. The summit is not wooded which is surprising due to it's low elevation. This mountain can be easily done in an afternoon and can be done throughout the year. The Class 1 Wapack Trail is the preferred way up to the summit of Mt. Watatic. The trail is moderate with some steeper sections but nothing on the trail comes close to approaching Class 2. Via the most direct route this summit is only 1.1 miles one way and 1000 feet of elevation gain. A 4 mile loop hike can be made of this mountain as well adding more scenery and views. Toward the top the trail eases and the panorama awaits. To the north, the rest of the Wapack Range rises with the trail highpoint of North Pack Monadnock and Pack Monadnock rises in the background. To the easy most of Massachusetts hilly countryside rises. On clear day the skyscrapers of Boston can be seen. To the south lies Mt. Watchusett and it's ski run. Due to the close proximity to Boston this mountain always has a crowd. Best time for solitude is on a winter weekday. 

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