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America's Stonehenge

105 Haverhill Road

Built by a Native American Culture or a migrant European population? No one knows for sure. A maze of man-made chambers, walls and ceremonial meeting places, America's Stonehenge is most likely the oldest man-made construction in the United States (over 4000 years old).

Like Stonehenge in England, America's Stonehenge was built by ancient people well versed in astronomy and stone construction. It has been determined that the site is an accurate astronomical calendar. It was, and still can be, used to determine specific solar and lunar   events of the year.

Various inscriptions have been found throughout the site including Ogham, Phoenician and Iberian Punic Script. Dr. Barry Fell of Harvard University did extensive work on the inscriptions found at the site. They are detailed in his book America B.C.


Ron Aur Hod

Saturday, June 2, 2018
Great to visit if you're in the immediate area. The land is lovely and the ruins tell a very intriguing tale of ancient people coming from Europe 4,000 years ago, possessing astonishing astronomical knowledge and building a sacred site to celebrate that knowledge. Bonus points for a fantastic gift shop, featuring reasonable prices and an interesting collection. Few extra points for having alpacas, something kids are sure to love. And the trails around the property are great. But the ruins are few and poorly maintained. I feel it's great to visit if you're near anyway, not sure I'd make a special trip to get there.

Reina Ramirez

Thursday, July 12, 2018
It was a fun and educational place to visit during summertime! It was very quiet and peaceful during our visit — not for the easily bored tourist/traveler. It was a nature trip and a long nature trail through history and archaeology of the Native Americans who once lived in this area. It’s a very physical task to walk up and down rough terrain and go through man-made caves, so dress appropriately, bring water, sunblock, and hats and shades. It is not advisable for visitors who have poor activity tolerance. My 73 year old grandma had a couple of sits and stops, got lost a while, but she made through it. I didn’t have tmobile service up there so we had to stay with the crowd to keep from getting lost in the woods.

Ryan W

Saturday, June 2, 2018
Interesting historical site with a cute, kitschy gift shop. Be prepared for a short hike; it's not well-advertised, but the actual site is a bit of a walk from the main building. Trails are well marked and sites are kept clean and easily identifiable. Picnic area in the front is a good size and well shaded. Alpacas showed no interest in us, but it can't be helped.

Kyle Barker

Tuesday, July 3, 2018
I am a Geologist and I have a second degree in History. There are features here that are ancient and amazing, but there is a lot that was created within the past century to sell tickets. There is more nonsense than facts about this site.

Jim Pecora

Friday, March 23, 2018
America's Stonehenge is a treasure Trove of information on many topics. Plus a wonderful gift shop with very affordable items from gemstones, to necklaces, active-wear, great books, Etc... this sacred site has a four or five star rating just like the big guys Disney or Universal Studios. You owe it to yourself to check it out and learn more about it. For my wife and I, and several others, it has become a "pilgrimage site" and each visit, including today, it feels more and more like home. We love it there!! Make it a priority to visit, so many people that we encounter will say that they want to visit just make the time and do it now, you'll be glad you did! A gift shop visit will take for 15 or 20 minutes, more if you bring children. You should take the tour of the site, and allow an hour or two it's all you'll need. Visit on any one of the many solstice days, or like them on FB and attend one of those very special functions throughout the year. This astrological calendar / Observatory not only only tracks the Sun, but of course the Moon, yet did you know it also tracks Venus with its 40-year cycle! And more than that it observes over a dozen stars with Cycles as long as a hundred and eighty-five years, woah who plotted out those stones? . . . this place rocks!

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