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Aiken State Park

1145 State Park RD

Located in Aiken County, Aiken State Park sits nestled along the South Edisto River in an outdoor-lover’s paradise. Aiken’s most notable attraction is the still, black water of the South Edisto River - fishing and canoeing are both popular here. A 1.7-mile canoe and kayak trail winds down the South Fork of the Edisto River. Fishing for bream, bass and catfish can be enjoyed from along the bank.

Aiken State Park is also as rich in its history as it is natural beauty. During the Great Depression, an African American detachment of the Civilian Conservation Corps built the park.  Their work can still be seen in some of the remaining structures as well as interpretive signage. 


Beka Oliver

Monday, May 14, 2018
I went swimming.could have better bathrooms they are hot. an a better path to the swimming area so bring shoes you can slip on an off easy or you get real dirty feet. If you bring food be careful eating if you drop any the ants will find it and that mean they find you too. So if you drop it remove it fast. Over all it is quit outdoorsy an a nice get away area.

Andrew Bohman

Wednesday, April 18, 2018
This is a good park. I went there for an Eagle Scout project. We replaced the horse shoe pits and added a bench part way down one of the walking trails. We are going back this weekend to camp. My kids like ride bikes on the road. It used to be a two way road but they converted it to a one way loop a few years ago and it is much safer for bike riders.

Buddy Cowan

Sunday, March 25, 2018
Nice park. Camping is allowed. There is a 3 mile nature trail as well as couple of lakes and canoe rental to use on the river. Cost is $2.00 per adult. $1.25 for seniors. There is a pass available good for all State parks in S.C. not familiar with cost

Tracie Williams

Saturday, Jan. 13, 2018
Rarely visited park, but quite the hidden gem. One of the best swimming holes around, you'll find this little swimming hole cool on a hot day! It's spring fed and the water is crystal clear. Be sure to visit the historic hinting cabins and find the geocache by the spillway. Great place to camp but I feel the one way roads make the park difficult to maneuver.

Jennifer Barnes

Wednesday, May 16, 2018
Very rude and disrespectful new white man that thinks he can speak to people any kind of way because he has a little plastic “badge.” I have been going to this park for over 20 years. Never had an issue until he came along.

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