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Aiken State Park

1145 State Park RD

Located in Aiken County, Aiken State Park sits nestled along the South Edisto River in an outdoor-lover’s paradise. Aiken’s most notable attraction is the still, black water of the South Edisto River - fishing and canoeing are both popular here. A 1.7-mile canoe and kayak trail winds down the South Fork of the Edisto River. Fishing for bream, bass and catfish can be enjoyed from along the bank.

Aiken State Park is also as rich in its history as it is natural beauty. During the Great Depression, an African American detachment of the Civilian Conservation Corps built the park.  Their work can still be seen in some of the remaining structures as well as interpretive signage. 


Charles Martin

Wednesday, June 27, 2018
Wonderful State Park. As always at state parks the staff is amazing. Really wanted to do the canoe trail but it was closed which is okay because you can see where they are doing a lot of work. Improvements need to be made to all our parks. When you see the donation box on the rangers desk please put money in it. I overheard the staff talking about how the money should be spent and although they weren't agreeing with each other ( lumber for fishing dock or new leaf blower) 100% goes to the betterment of the park. Love this place thanks to the staff for helping us and the wonderful memories.

Beka Oliver

Monday, May 14, 2018
I went swimming.could have better bathrooms they are hot. an a better path to the swimming area so bring shoes you can slip on an off easy or you get real dirty feet. If you bring food be careful eating if you drop any the ants will find it and that mean they find you too. So if you drop it remove it fast. Over all it is quit outdoorsy an a nice get away area.


Wednesday, July 4, 2018
Beautiful place if you like to hike or wonder. But I love to fish. And the fishing SUCKS. Needs harsher rules on people that catch to keep. I've caught 4 bass and 3 pickerel in 4 years and out of two ponds. Over fishing and people keep and kill too much.

Anothercountyheard Baldwin

Thursday, May 31, 2018
Natural Area is outstanding and beautiful but the canoe trail was "closed for repair" which doesn't make a lot of sense and it looks like it had been that way for a very long time. Normally one can rent a canoe at the park and take a 2 mile trip down stream which makes it very nice half day activity. The Edisto River is on the parks boundary, and is one of the most scenic rivers one could ever hope to see

Andrew Bohman

Wednesday, April 18, 2018
This is a good park. I went there for an Eagle Scout project. We replaced the horse shoe pits and added a bench part way down one of the walking trails. We are going back this weekend to camp. My kids like ride bikes on the road. It used to be a two way road but they converted it to a one way loop a few years ago and it is much safer for bike riders.

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